Monday, August 24, 2009

Life is grand

So I guess it has been over 4 months since my last recorded life story, thought, etc. But trust me...they were still occurring. In fact, my life has changed dramatically since those days. Back then, I was a lost little girl living in a large city, working for a huge company, and felt so alone along the way. Now...I am still living in a large city, working in even a bigger company (we just got bought out by PepsiCo which is a Fortune 100 company), but i will not say that I am alone. My whole goal on coming here was to make my own life, pave my own road, and meet some new faces that will impact my life greatly. It took about 6 months to begin accomplishing these things but now I am 100% happy with my life, my decisions, and am even more excited to see what life will bring me in the future.

It all began at the beginning of June when I first signed up for personal training at my gym. The training was great because I was able to finally start committing a couple days a week to myself in a healthy manner (not sitting on the couch eating pintfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and watching movies every night). Through training, I have been able to finally again see the potential that my body has in the weight room. It wasn't since high school that I had lifted on a regular basis and my trainer thinks that I'm a rockstar because apparently I have great muscle memory. I even boxed a couple of times...punching a bag is absolutely liberating.

A few days later, I signed up for a social club because I was tired of being a loser. Now this isn't any ol' social club...this in particular is exclusively for single people. Not that I was looking for someone to date, I just needed friends and some sort of outlet to get me out of the house. After joining, my life completely changed. It went from couch potato and redbox fanatic to 100% NEVER being at home and experiencing life all around the city. I must also say that these people have some sort of craziness about them that rubbed off on me....I guess we are all single so it must be the joy of freedom that people possess before they become completely lame with a husband and family. Lets just say that it gave me hope to know that I can be older, single, and still have fun in life. In the first couple months, I was stretched to the limit with bars, roadtrips to the beach, boat riding and jetskiing on the lake, rock climbing, happy hours, volleyball, and so much more. I have met some wonderful people that will make a lasting impression on my life. I made some great memories and had a blast, however, I realized that I needed to step back a little because this "wildness" in me scared me a bit. This is about when my new friend moved to town, and it couldn't have been better timing.

So after working with 98% men, another female joined the crew. She is smart, motivating, and intimidating...just the woman corporate America needs. But in that time of my life, I needed her too. She became a GIRL friend, running buddy, and my neighbor (who moved only a block away). We both signed up for the Houston half marathon and full marathon run in January. She keeps me on my toes with my running. I stopped attending events with my social group and started hanging out with my co-workers and with myself more. It felt good to be back on track with my running and being able to get my "me time" again. I still kept in contact with some of my closer friends, but limited my outgoing activity immensely.

Labor day weekend, my family came in town and I was psyched about showing them around. The Astros game was dedicated to my little brother, and my youngest sister marvelled at the Houston zoo. My family camped out at my place and it felt so nice having them in town. Since I moved to Houston, I had only been home a few times. My family time was definitely cut short now that I had my own life without the long summers and sporatic weeks/months off that the college schedule allowed. But...once Monday rolled around, it was back to life and back to reality.

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